/> Promoting Transparency In The Capital Markets

Did you know that EuroABS is the Market leading provider of:

  • Bank of England Eligibility Compliance Services (Bespoke Cash Flow Modelling, Secure Hosting, Loan Level Data Checking, etc.) and
  • Transparent Broker/Dealer Contributed Portfolio Mark to Market Services for Investors?
Promoting Transparency in the Capital Markets
Pricing and Valuation Service
We provide pricing and valuation services to genuine investor and issuer clients of our investment bank contributors. Our service covers the European ABS Bond Market, CDOs/CLOs and Corporate Bond Market. E-PMMS provides contributed prices from all the major broker dealers in these markets.
ABS Deal Database (EADReD)
We maintain a comprehensive database of European ABS including raw data, prospectuses, collateral reports and issuance commentary. Users can combine document keywords and deal data to search the database. If it’s been issued, you’ll find it in EADReD. Limited Basic Access is available to most professionals participating in these Markets.
Position Monitoring
We’ll take all of the pain and legwork out of surveillance. We’ll provide you with all the data and documentation you’ll need in a referenced, simple, clear and easily digestible format to ensure your business is compliant with the Capital Requirements Regulation CRR 406 (CRD 122a), to properly monitor your positions and perform robust due diligence.
Regulatory Reporting
We provide hosting, cash flow modelling, loan level data checking and report preparation services for structured finance regulatory compliance. We help clients comply with US SEC (including Rule 17G-5), Bank of England and EU regulatory disclosure and transparency requirements. We host data for 79 major ABS and structured finance issuers.
ISO 9001 certificate number 12/3479