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Customer Service is at the heart of the EuroABS business model. We have the highest standards for every person we do business with and below are what our clients have to say about us.

For a number of years, we have used the services of EuroABS as a de-facto website and additional service for the distribution and hosting of several public documents relating to the CARS ALLIANCE series of auto loan transactions. EuroABS have always been prompt in both displaying the regulatory information and quick to react to any ad-hoc requests from our side. We have been pleased by the professionalism of the staff, the general lay-out and use-ability of the documentation service, and their ability to provide additional services, such as price valuations and marks on our series of ABS issuance.

- Jean-Marc Saugier, VP Finance & Group Treasurer
RCI Banque (Renault)

The EuroABS Portfolio Mark to Market Service provides us with the quality, coverage, timeliness and transparency we need to run our business effectively and efficiently. As a client, it’s great for us to see EuroABS going from strength to strength and growing so fast.

- Rob Ford, Portfolio Manager
TwentyFour Asset Management

We’ve used EuroABS as a supplier of capital markets documentation since 2004. For European ABS markets we’ve found the EuroABS service to be comprehensive, reliable and the best available.

- Peter Voisey , Partner, Capital Markets
Clifford Chance LLP