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Woodmont Trust 2017-1: 07 March 2017

The Issuer’s investment portfolio consists primarily of bank loans and participation interests therein. The portfolio will be managed by MidCap Financial Services Capital Management, LLC. MidCap Financial Services Capital Management, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company and was formed on 3 October 2016. The Collateral Manager has no prior operating history or track record. The Collateral Manager is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MidCap Financial Services, LLC. As of 31 December 2016, MidCap Group had U$6.9bln of funded assets and U$11.7bln of commitments under management on a standalone basis.

Eligibility criteria (includes): is not a bond, note or letter of credit; is not a Synthetic Security; is US$ denominated and is neither convertible by the issuer thereof into, nor payable in, any other currency; is not a lease; has a Moody’s Rating and an S&P Rating; is not a repurchase obligation, a Zero Coupon Bond, an Unsecured Loan, a Bridge Loan, a Commercial Real Estate Loan, a Structured Finance Obligation or a Step-Down Obligation; is purchased at a price at least equal to 60% of its outstanding principal balance.

CRR: The EU Retention Provider (Woodmont Intermediate 2017-1 Trust) has agreed to retain such an interest in the transaction by holding the minimum principal amount of certificates required by the EU Retention Requirement Laws, being an amount equal to 5% of the nominal value of the Collateral Obligations.