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IM Grupo Banco Popular Consumo I: 03 April 2017

A revolving fund of credit rights derived from loans granted by originators Banco Popular Español S.A. and Banco Pastor S.A. to individuals for consumer purposes.

The initial pool consists of 63,361 loans (to 60,481 obligors), where the average loan principal outstanding is Eur8,049 and the largest is for Eur1.5mln. None of the loans are currently in arrears. Debt concentration (by current balances): largest obligor - 0.31%, top 10 – 1.87%, top 25 – 3.27%. Interest type (by current balances): floating 50.28%, fixed 49.72%. The WA seasoning is 23 months. Regional concentration: Andalusia 23.94%, Galicia 16.41% and Catalonia 13.25%.

Compare/contrast: IM Grupo Banco Popular Empresas 7, BBVA Consumo 9 FTA