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Skipton Building Society (Global Covered Bond Prog: 28 July 2017

Under this covered bond programme, Skipton Building Society may from time to time issue bonds denominated in any currency agreed between the Issuer and the relevant Dealer(s). The price and amount of the Covered Bonds to be issued under the Programme will be determined by the Issuer and the relevant Dealer at the time of issue in accordance with prevailing market conditions.

The Covered Bonds may be issued in bearer or registered form. The maximum aggregate nominal amount of all Covered Bonds from time to time outstanding under the Programme will not exceed €7.5 billion (or its equivalent in other currencies).

Skipton Building Society was established originally in 1853 and as at 31 December 2016 the Society, together with its subsidiaries, had total Group assets of £19,020 million, making it the fourth largest building society in the United Kingdom. The Society distributes products through multiple channels including 95 branches, a central mortgage service centre, by telephone and via the internet. During 2016 the Society employed an average of 1,137 full- and part-time staff at its principal office, 798 staff at its branches and 7,456 staff within its subsidiaries