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SABB Sukuk (Trust Issuance certificate): 12 August 2017

Under the US$2bln trust certificate issuance programme, SABB Sukuk Limited, subject to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and directives, may from time to time issue trust certificates denominated in any currency agreed between the Trustee and the relevant Dealer. Certificates may be senior and unsubordinated or subordinated, and, on issue, constitute Tier 2 Capital.

Each Series of Certificates issued under the Programme will be constituted by: (i) a master trust deed entered into between the Trustee, The Saudi British Bank and HSBC Corporate Trustee Company (UK) Limited as delegate of the Trustee; and (ii) a supplemental trust deed in relation to the relevant Series.

Certificates of each Series confer on the holders of the Certificates from time to time the right to receive certain payments, arising from a pro rata interest in the assets of a trust declared by the Trustee in relation to the relevant Series over the Trust Assets which will include, inter alia, (i) the relevant Mudaraba Assets and Murabaha Assets; and (ii) the Transaction Documents.

The transaction structure relating to the Certificates has been approved by the Shari’a Committee of SABB and the Executive Shari’a Committee of HSBC Saudi Arabia Limited.