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Barton Series 2017-1 Trust: 13 July 2017

Another issuance of notes via originator Beyond Bank Australia, which will be backed by a pool of first ranking Australian residential full-documentation mortgage loans.

The portfolio consists of 1,309 obligors, where the average balance per obligor is A$265,240 and the largest is for A$1.185mln. No mortgage loans are more than 30 days in arrears as of the cut-off date. Loan purpose: owner-occupied 75.0%, investment 25.0%. Interest rate type: variable 62.0%, fixed 38.0%. Mortgage insurance provider: QBE 92.0%, Genworth 8.0%. The WA indexed LVR is 55.7% (un-indexed 58.4%) and the WA seasoning is 42 months. Regional concentration: South Australia 41.7%, ACT 18.0%, NSW 17.3% and WA 16.7%.

Compare/contrast: Barton Series 2014-1 Trust, TORRENS Trust (Series 2017-2)