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B-Arena (Compartment 4): 01 September 2017

The provisional pool consists of mortgage loans originated by Bank Nagelmackers (previously known as Delta Lloyd Bank). Bank Nagelmackers currently originates mortgage loans through two main channels: (i) its branch network (35 branches), representing 46% of the mortgage origination in 2016 and (ii) independent agents working under the label of Bank Nagelmackers (43 agents), accounting for the remaining 54% of the production in 2016.

As at the provisional pool date (30 June 2017) the portfolio consisted of 6,894 loans advanced to 5,855 borrowers, where the average outstanding balance per borrower is Eur110,895. The interest rate of each Mortgage Loan is fixed, subject to a reset from time to time. Loan purpose (by current balances): Purchase 46.30%, Purchase + Renovation 12.16%, Purchase + Construction 10.80%, Refinancing 10.25%, Renovation 10.08%, Construction 9.70%, Other 0.70%. Occupancy Type: Owner Occupied 94.91%, Non-Owner Occupied 5.09%. Repayment Type: Annuity Mortgage Loan 95.57%, Other 4.43%. The current LTCV is 51.05% and the WA seasoning is 7.52 years. Regional concentration: Antwerpen 26.51%, Vlaams-Braban 12.22%, Brussels 12.08% and Oost-Vlaanderen 9.02%.

CRR 405: The Seller has undertaken to retain a material net economic interest of not less than 5% in the Transaction in accordance with Article 405 paragraph (1) sub-paragraph (d) of the CRR and Article 51 paragraph (1) sub-paragraph (d) of the AIFM Regulation. As at the Closing Date, such interest will be comprised of at least the entire Class B Notes and Class C Notes.