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Holmes Master Issuer (2017-1): 08 October 2017

Another issuance of the Holmes Master programme, where the master trust portfolio as at the reference date will consist of 54,884 mortgage accounts comprising loans originated by Santander UK and secured over properties located in England, Wales and Scotland having an aggregate outstanding principal balance of approximately £4.894bln as at that date (30 June 2017). The loans in the portfolio as at the reference date were originated by the seller between August 1995 and January 2016.

The average outstanding principal balance per loan is £89,182 and there are only 21 loans of greater than £700,000 in the pool. Purpose of loan (By current balances): re-mortgage 57.12%, purchase 42.29%, unknown 0.60%. Repayment terms (by % of total current balances): interest-only 54.00%, repayment 35.55%, part/part 10.45%. The WA LTV at origination was 67.66% and is currently (indexed) 47.21%. WA seasoning is 126.73mnths. Geographical distribution (by current balances): South East (excluding London) 29.58%, London 21.09% and the North West 9.90%.

Compare/contrast: Holmes Master Issuer (2016-1), Permanent Master Issuer 2016-1