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Bluezest Secured Retail Bond (Programme): 27 November 2017

Under this programme for BlueZest Secured Retail Bond PLC, the Issuer may from time to time issue sterling denominated bonds to investors. The principal amount of all Bonds for the time being outstanding under the programme will not exceed £1,500,000,000. The Issuer intends, subject to prevailing market conditions, to issue up to £250,000,000 in principal amount of Bonds in the period of 12 months immediately following the date of this Base Prospectus.

The Issuer shall make available to BlueZest Mortgages and Loans Ltd a committed loan facility in a maximum principal amount equal to the aggregate of the outstanding principal amount of Bonds that have been issued. The initial principal amount of an issue of Bonds will be loaned by the Lender to BlueZest Mortgages as one or more advances of a loan on the terms of a loan agreement entered into on or about 22 November 2017. BlueZest Mortgages is permitted to use Advances of the Loan to, among other things, grant mortgage loans to borrowers which satisfy the Lending Criteria from time to time and to pay (on the Issuer's behalf) certain fees, costs and expenses incurred by the Issuer in connection with the issue of Bonds under the programme.

BlueZest is a technology-based specialised property investment funder offering a range of Buy to Let and development finance products. The company’s focus is on investing in and with landlords, developers and small business owners.

BlueZest Mortgages is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unique Funding Limited which is primarily responsible for the treasury, funding and compliance functions of BlueZest Mortgages. In terms of funding, Unique Funding Limited devolves responsibility to BlueZest Funding Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary.