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Fino 1 Securitisation S.r.l.: 30 November 2017

The transaction collateralises a mixed pool of Italian residential, commercial and unsecured non-performing loans which were originated by UniCredit S.p.A. The Gross Book Value net of tax write-offs of the loan pool was approximately EUR 5.37 billion as of June 2017. As of the same date, the non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio was composed of secured commercial and residential loans (51.9% of total GBV) and unsecured loans (48.1% of total GBV) mostly due by Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. The transaction is static and it is not possible to assign additional portfolios to the Issuer.

The portfolio consists of 63,172 loans which have been advanced to 20,295 borrowers, where the average GBV per borrower is Eur264,893 and the average GBV per loan is Eur85,101. Regional concentration (by total GBV): Lazio 15.6%, Lombardy 12.3% and Sicily 11.0%.

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