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IM FTPYME Sabadell 11: 26 December 2017

The Fund will pool in its assets the credit rights derived from the loans provided by Banco de Sabadell to small and medium sized non‐financial businesses and self‐employed individuals registered in Spain, in order to finance their business activities.

As at the cut-off date the portfolio consisted of 32,282 loans, where the average principal balance is Eur79,566 and the largest is for Eur15.587mln. Distribution by Interest Type (by current balances): fixed 65.17%, floating 34.83%. Distribution by Amortisation System: constant quota 84.74%, linear amortisation 9.93%, other 5.33%. Distribution by Type of Guarantee: Personal Guarantee of the Obligor 83.49%, with Mortgage Guarantee 16.51%. The WA seasoning is 34 months. Distribution by Province: Cataluna 33.17%, Valencia 12.56%, Madrid 11.76% and Pais Vasco 7.42%.

CRR 405: In compliance with the provisions of Article 405, the Assignor will retain during the term of the Fund, in a constant manner, a significant net economic interest pursuant to the terms required by the Regulation on CRR.

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