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Midocean Credit CLO I - 2nd Refinancing: 18 February 2018

The Issuer’s investment portfolio consists primarily of bank loans and participation interests in bank loans. The portfolio is being managed by MidOcean Credit Fund Management LP, and the Notes will be sold at negotiated prices determined at the time of sale. Barclays will be the initial purchaser.

Certain advisory and administrative functions with respect to the assets will be performed by MidOcean Credit Fund Management LP. MidOcean Credit was formed to manage client assets in funds and separate accounts with a focus on fundamental credit analysis targeting non-investment grade corporate debt, and currently manages five private equity funds. As of 30 November 2017, MidOcean Credit manages approximately $3.5 billion of equity in hedge funds and separate accounts principally invested in non-investment grade rated corporate debt.

The initial closing date was 24 January 2013. The first refinancing date was 15 December 2016 and the second refinancing date was 13 February 2018.

US Risk Retention: The Portfolio Manager has informed the Issuer that, on the second refinancing date, the Retention Holder will purchase an “eligible vertical interest” under the U.S. Risk Retention Rules and will retain the Retention Interest as long as required by the U.S. Risk Retention Rules.