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Securitised Residential Mortgage Portfolio I B.V: 03 June 2018

The Issuer will make payments on the Notes from payments of principal and interest received from a portfolio comprising mortgage loans originated by the seller (Achmea) and secured over residential properties located in the Netherlands.

Achmea Bank is part of Achmea, the largest insurance group in the Netherlands, and provides retail mortgage and savings products through the Centraal Beheer and Woonfonds brands. Its home mortgages are sold under the Centraal Beheer, Woonfonds and FBTO brands. They have previously securitised under the Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Loans, Dutch Residential Mortgage Portfolio Loans and Securitised Guaranteed Mortgage Loans names.

The provisional pool (as at 30 April 2018) consisted of 6,486 loans advanced to 6,596 owner-occupied borrowers (in 13,706 loan parts), where the Average Current Balance per Property is Eur160,487 and the Average Current Balance by Loan Part is Eur75,946. Redemption Type (by current balance): Interest Only – 57.02%, Endowment – 21.03%, Repayment – 11.62%, Savings Mortgage – 8.13% and Other – 2.20%. Interest Payment Type: Fixed with future periodic resets – 82.29%, Floating rate loan (for life) – 11.56% and Fixed rate loan (for life) – 6.15%. The WA CLTOMV is 86.26%, the WA CLTMV (indexed) is 80.07% and the WA CLTFV (indexed) is 99.86%. The WA seasoning is 142 months.

CRR 405: Achmea Bank has undertaken to retain, on an ongoing basis, a material net economic interest of not less than 5% in the securitisation transaction in accordance with Article 405 CRR, Article 51 AIFMR and Article 254 Solvency II Regulation and such net economic interest, including retained positions, interest or exposures, shall not be subject to any credit risk mitigation or any short positions or any other hedge and shall not be sold. As at the Closing Date, such interest will comprise of (part of) the Class B Notes and the Class C Notes.

Volcker Rule: The Issuer is not, and solely after giving effect to any offering and sale of the Notes and the application of the proceeds thereof will not be, a “covered fund” for purposes of regulations adopted under Section 13 of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended (commonly known as the Volcker Rule).

Compare/contrast: Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Loans XII BV, Dutch Residential Mortgage Portfolio II BV, EDML 2018-1 BV