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Caixabank Consumo 4, FTDA: 06 June 2018

This transaction is the fourth in the series of static cash securitisations of unsecured consumer loans which have been extended to obligors in Spain by Caixabank S.A. It is also the first public securitisation of Spanish consumer loans this year.

The portfolio consists of 272,205 contracts which have been advanced to 247,905 borrowers. Interest rate type: Fixed – 93.29%, Variable – 6.71%. The WA seasoning is 0.7 years. Regional concentration: Catalonia – 33.18%, Andalucia – 17.47% and Madrid – 10.97%.

Of note is that at closing, some 2.46% of the portfolio was up to 30 days delinquent.

Compare/contrast: Caixabank Consumo 3, FTDA, IM Evo Finance 1