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2Worlds S.r.l.: 02 July 2018

Another static cash securitisation of an Italian NPL portfolio, on this occasion with securitisation loans worth around Eur1.002bln by gross book value. The portfolio will comprise of both secured (53.2%) and unsecured (46.8%) loans.

The Senior Notes of Eur288.5mln correspond to 28.8% of GBV at the date of recognition of receivables at 31 December 2017, the Mezzanine Securities amount to Eur30.2mln euros and there are Junior Securities of Eur9.0mln, which will be unrated.


“Following what was communicated to the market on March 27, 2018 and June 25, 2018, we inform that the Gruppo Banco Desio, today, accepted the final binding agreement for the sale of 95% of the companies mezzanine and junior securities issued (for a total of € 39.2 million) as part of the transaction securitization of "2Worlds" loans.

The sale comes at the end of a competitive process that has having seen the participation of various international institutional investors. The sale of mezzanine and junior securities will allow the Banco Desio Group to proceed in the current month July, with the settlement of the securities themselves, the deconsolidation of the non-performing loans subject to the securitization, for a nominal value of around € 1.0 billion, reducing the ratio of "gross impaired loans / loans" gross loans "below 8.0% 1 and" net non-performing loans / net loans "below 4.5% 1 (below the respective 10% and 5% forecast at the end of the 2018-2020 Business Plan) and the ratio "gross non-performing loans / loans" gross "below 3.5% 1 and" net non-performing loans / net loans "below 1.5%.

The Banco Desio Group has applied for a guarantee on the securitisations of bad debts pursuant to Legislative Decree 18/2016 ("GACS") on senior securities issued by the vehicle 2Worlds Srl; the necessary set information is being finalized on the basis of the related regulatory procedures.

Desio, 11 July 2018