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Secure Hosting

The EuroABS Secure Hosting Service is specifically designed for structured finance and ABS. Most structured finance investors and other professionals are already familiar with all of its procedures, look and feel and operation.

EuroABS provides hosting services to help our issuer clients to comply with US Securities and Exchange Commission (including Rule 17g-5), Bank of England and all European Union regulatory requirements. EuroABS provides data hosting services for 79 major International ABS and structured finance issuers (see list here).

For each issuer, this service can include:

  • Cash flow modelling services to Bank of England eligibility and CRR 406 (formerly CRD 122a) requirement standards
  • Login/usage disclaimers
  • Secure web access over HTTPS/SSL
  • Data/file storage and self-service content management system:
    • User access permissioning system (public and/or password protected) with Issuer Client admin interface and publisher and gate-keeper power users
    • Create and delete your own folders and subfolders and
    • Upload and delete documents and data files
    • Loan-level data storage
    • File integrity checker – be 100% certain that the file you’ve posted is the correct one and hasn’t been replaced, altered, misrepresented, misfiled or corrupted.
  • Full usage and user activity logs including user IP address tracking
  • Data presentation pages designed with your corporate logo
  • e-mail capture and hosting where required.
See our Testimonials page.

For further details contact us on 0800 772 3276 or via the website

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