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Danske Mortgage Bank (Covered Bond Prog): 06 October 2018

Under this Eur10bln programme for issuance of Covered Bonds, Danske Mortgage Bank Plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danske Bank A/S, may from time to time issue covered bonds in accordance with the Finnish Covered Bond Act (Laki kiinnitysluottopankkitoiminnasta, 688/2010), denominated in any currency agreed between the Issuer and the relevant Dealer(s).

The Covered Bonds may be issued in bearer form or uncertificated book entry form cleared through the Danish Central Securities Depository or Euroclear Finland Oy, the Finnish Central Securities Depository.

The Issuer is a mortgage credit bank with limited liability pursuant to the Finnish Companies Act (Osakeyhtiölaki, 624/2006), as amended. The legal name of the Issuer is Danske Kiinnitysluottopankki Oyj, the English translation of which is Danske Mortgage Bank Plc. The Issuer was incorporated on 31 October 2017 by way of a Finnish law partial demerger from Danske Bank Plc for the purpose of assuming the Finnish mortgage credit bank operations of (the former) Danske Bank Plc. The Issuer is authorised to operate as a credit institution under the Finnish Act on Credit Institutions (Laki luottolaitostoiminnasta, 610/2014) as amended, and holds a mortgage credit bank licence under the Covered Bonds Act enabling it to assume the liabilities in respect of the covered bonds previously issued by Danske Bank Plc and to issue further covered bonds under, and in accordance with, the Covered Bonds Act.