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CPUK Finance (2018) Ltd (A4 tap & A5): 24 November 2018

The transaction constitutes an additional tap of the A4 tranche, and a new A5 tranche.

The £100mln Class A4 Fixed Rate Secured Notes due 2042 are to be consolidated, and form a single series with the £240,000,000 3.588% Class A4 Fixed Rate Secured Notes due 2042 issued by CPUK Finance Limited on 1 June 2015 and on 15 June 2017.

In connection with the completion of this offering of Further Class A4 Notes and the Class A5 Notes, the proceeds will be used: (a) to repay the Class A3 Loan (including the payment of any Class A Make-Whole Payment due in respect of the Class A3 Notes and any accrued and unpaid interest); (b) to make a distribution to shareholders in an amount equal to £74.6 million; (c) to pay fees, costs and expenses related to the Transactions; and (d) for general corporate purposes.