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Rural Hipotecario XVIII: 14 December 2018

Another static cash securitisation of first-ranking prime mortgages granted to Spanish individuals with, on this occasion, the originator being Caja Rural de Aragon, Sociedad Cooperativa de Credito.

Eligibility criteria (includes): each mortgage is denominated in euros; all borrowers are Spanish residents; each mortgage constitutes a valid first charge by way of legal mortgage in Spain; each mortgage constitutes a first legal mortgage or a first-ranking standard security; each mortgage has been originated under the name of Bantierra; no loan has been restructured or renegotiated because of a situation of loan in arrears.

As at the cut-off date (19 November 2018) the provisional pool consists of 3,627 loans advanced to 3,556 borrowers, where the average loan size per borrower is Eur76,637 and the top 20 borrowers account for 2.37% of current balances. Borrower type: owner-occupied – 84.86%, non-owner occupied – 15.14%. Interest rate type: variable – 93.20%, fixed – 6.80%. The WA current LTV is 56.95% (current indexed LTV is 65.10%) and the WA seasoning is 5.84 years. Regional concentration: Aragon – 87.31%.