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FTPYME Santander 14 F.T.A.: 02 December 2018

A securitisation backed by credit rights deriving from loans granted to small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed individuals resident in Spain by Banco Santander.

The preliminary portfolio (as at 15 October 2018) consists of 36,161 loans, advanced to 32,248 obligors, where the average loan balance is Eur44,256 and the two largest obligors account for only 1.2% of the portfolio. Loan status (by current balances): unsecured (personal guarantee & credit lines) – 93.4%, secured (mortgage loans) – 6.6%. Reference rate type: floating – 72.4%, fixed – 27.6%. The LTV (in relation to the mortgage loans) is 67.0%. The overall WA seasoning is 2.8 years. Regional distribution: Andalucia – 35.0%, Madrid – 27.0%, Catalonia – 15.0% and the Canary Islands – 11.0%.