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RRE 1 Loan Management DAC: 18 April 2019

RRE 1 Loan Management is a managed cash flow CLO, and will be managed by Redding Ridge Asset Management (UK) LLP. Redding Ridge’s primary business consists of acting as collateral manager for CLO transactions and related warehouse facilities and as holder of CLO Retention interests in both U.S. and Europe. RR will direct the selection, acquisition and disposition of collateral on behalf of the Issuer and may engage in trading activity, including discretionary trading, during the transaction's four and a half year reinvestment period.

Eligibility & concentration limits (include): at least 96.0% of the portfolio must consist of senior secured loans and senior secured bonds; up to 4.0% of the portfolio may consist of unsecured obligations, second-lien loans, mezzanine loans and high yield bonds.

The portfolio is expected to be fully ramped up as of the closing date.