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SVENSK HYPO 4: 20 December 2019

This transaction is a refinancing of Svensk Hypotekspension Fond 3 AB.

The issue will be backed by a portfolio of equity release mortgages originated by Svensk Hypotekspension AB. The transaction will be governed by Swedish law and will be listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm corporate bond list.

Svensk Hypotekspension was acquired by Nordax Bank AB (publ) in January 2019. Svensk Hypotekspension AB has originated equity release mortgages since 2005 and the issuance represents the third publicly offered mortgage backed transaction from Svensk Hypotekspension. Equity release mortgages are loans for seniors, secured by real estate, second homes or cooperative flats, with quarterly accumulating interest until the borrower chooses to redeem early, moves permanently from the property or deceases. The timing of interest payments and repayment of principal on the notes is dependent on the cash flow from the portfolio.