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Caixabank PYMES 12 FdTdA: 20 November 2020

As per previous transactions, the issue is a cash flow securitisation collateralised by a portfolio of secured and unsecured loans and drawdowns of secured and unsecured lines of credit originated by CaixaBank to small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed individuals based in Spain.

As of the October 2020 cut-off date, the transaction’s portfolio comprised 31,024 loans and current drawdowns of secured and unsecured lines of credit to 28,623 obligor groups. Obligor group concentration: top 1 – 1.14, top 10 – 5.52%, top 20 – 8.25%. Interest rate type: floating - 50.4%, fixed - 49.6%. Industry concentration: Beverage, Food & Tobacco – 24.7%, Building and Development – 14.40% and Farming and Agriculture – 10.72%. The WA LTV (where applicable) is 51.40% and the WA seasoning is 1.1 years. Regional concentration: Catalonia – 26.8%, Madrid – 11.58% and Andalucia – 10.69%.

EU Risk Retention: The Originator (CaixaBank) will retain, on an ongoing basis, a material net economic interest in the terms required by the Regulation in the securitisation transaction.

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