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BBVA Consumo 11 FTA: 15 March 2021

As per previous Consumo transactions, the receivables to be pooled in the fund shall exclusively consist of receivables owned by and shown on the assets of BBVA and BBVA Finanzia derived from loans granted to individuals resident in Spain to finance, in the case of BBVA, retail activities (construing these retail activities in the broad sense and including, inter alia, financing the obligor’s expenses, purchase of merchandise, goods including motor cars, or services) and, in the case of BBVA Finanzia, the purchase of motor cars.

The selected loan portfolio (as at 23 February 2021) comprises 306,682 consumer and auto loans advanced to 275,353 obligors, all being resident in Spain. The average principal per borrower is Eur9,511 and the pool is highly granular. Interest rate type: fixed 98.81%, floating 1.19%. The WA seasoning is 17.47 mnths.

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