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BBVA RMBS 22 FTA: 05 December 2022

The portfolio will consist of 12,608 repayment mortgage loans owned by BBVA and granted to 12,559 borrowers residing in Spain with senior ranked real estate mortgage security on finished homes (and their annexes - parking spaces and/or lumber rooms - if any) located in Spain. Out of the selected mortgage loans, 95.7% in terms of outstanding principal are mortgage loans granted by BBVA to Spanish individual obligors, whereas the remaining 4.3% are foreign individual obligors resident in Spain. The average current balance per loan is Eur120,772. Interest rate type: variable - 24.9%, fixed rate - 75.1%. The current WA LTV is 71.4% (original LTV was 71.6%) and the WA seasoning is 2.5 years. Regional concentration (by current balances): Catalonia - 31.6%, Andalucia - 16.8% and Madrid - 15.2%.