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Lanebrook Mortgage Transaction 2022-1 PLC: 24 October 2022

Shawbrook Bank Limited has today announced the successful completion of its Lanebrook Mortgage Transaction 2022-1, a £346m fully retained securitisation of The Mortgage Lender Limited (TML) originated loans. The transaction represents the fifth securitisation Shawbrook has completed, following its inaugural SMF 2019-1 transaction in June 2019.

The pool is comprised of 2,452 buy-to-let mortgage loans which were originated by TML and are secured against properties in England, Wales and Scotland.

This transaction will provide the Group with an additional layer of funding to support its focused growth ambitions, while helping to further diversify the Group’s funding base.

Dylan Minto, Chief Financial Officer commented: “We are pleased to have successfully completed this transaction as it represents strategic diversification of our funding profile, whist validating the high quality of our asset base. As Shawbrook’s fifth securitisation to date, this positions us as a solid repeat issuer in the debt capital markets. This transaction significantly increases the contingent wholesale funding options available to us and provides evidence that our advanced liability management approach is offering valuable optionality to our business model.”

For further information please contact: Christopher Such MD, Structured Funding