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Permanent Master Issuer 2023-1: 29 May 2023

Another Permanent transaction off the Master programme, where this Master Trust property consists of mortgage loans originated by Halifax plc and mortgage loans originated by Bank of Scotland plc.

Notes on the Master Trust: the programme allows for the substitution of the trust property with the assignment of new loans to the mortgages trust; BOS is obliged to repurchase from the trust all loans subject to a further advance; loans subject to product switches will be retained in the trust subject to certain conditions being met; junior classes may be repaid prior to senior classes.

As of the closing date for this issue, there are 93,382 mortgage accounts in the Trust (100.00% being repayment loans) with an average WA LTV of 53.70% and a WA seasoning of 55.20mnths. The loans in the expected portfolio as at the cut-off date were originated between 22 March 1996 and 20 February 2023.