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Durham Mortgages A and B plc

Durham Mortgages A & B plc

EuroABS is delighted to announce it will be working with the bank consortium involved in Durham Mortgages A plc and Durham Mortgages B plc to facilitate the initial and on-going processes for central bank eligibility (closing date 23 May 2018).

Darren Nesbitt, COO of EuroABS, said “EuroABS has been involved in all of the securitisation transactions from assets that have been sold by UKAR, a process that started in October 2014. We will be working closely with all parties in the transactions to ensure that we continue to provide our service to the best level of transparency available in the securitisation market. We continue to advise and assist all of our clients through the central bank and regulatory hurdles, including the upcoming securitisation regulation. EuroABS provides a one-stop shop for regulatory compliance”.