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Customer Service is at the heart of the EuroABS business model. We have the highest standards for every person we do business with and below are what our clients have to say about us.

The EuroABS Portfolio Mark to Market Service provides us with the quality, coverage, timeliness and transparency we need to run our business effectively and efficiently. As a client, it’s great for us to see EuroABS going from strength to strength and growing so fast.

- UK Securitisation Investor, Investment Manager
UK Investment Firm

We’ve used EuroABS as a supplier of capital markets documentation since 2004. For European ABS markets we’ve found the EuroABS service to be comprehensive, reliable and the best available.

- Peter Voisey , Partner, Capital Markets
Clifford Chance LLP

EuroABS gives us a transparent view of the structured finance market. The ability to see time stamped data with no third party intervention is invaluable. The ability to upload one portfolio and receive back multiple contributions is a huge time and cost saving. We have always found EuroABS professional and reliable.

- Adam Jenner, Pricing Controller
Cambridge Place